Binance MT5 with spot markets

Trading on crypto exchanges such as Binance through MetaTrader MT5 is now available with TradingToolCrypto's exchange integration. You can trade any market with all supported order types. All markets are updated within MT5 MarketWatch window providing real-time tick data for backtesting. Any amount of historical data can be downloaded to further improve your technical analysis. All indicators are supported and can be applied to an unlimited amount of charts. All timeframes are supported including M1 to Monthly. Complete support for automated trading with expert advisors using our unified crypto bridge api. All native MQL5 Code for easy adoption.

Start charting, trading, and deploying robots on Binance within MT5 today!

Connecting to Binance with MT5 Advantages

  • No added commission on your trading volume.
  • Login to an unlimited number of binance accounts via api keys.
  • Trade any market at any time without any limitation.
  • No limits on ordersize or the amount of orders being placed.
  • All order routing is done through your internet connection or vps.
  • No third party is involved. You will host the MT5 on your local or remote pc.
  • Route your orders directly to binance.

Binance MT5 with futures markets

Binance has over 130 futures markets with two catagories. They have USDT denominated base currencies where your profits are in USDT and COIN denominated base currencies. The COIN base currencies earn you more of that asset such as Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, BNB, etc. It's a great way to hedge your bags in a falling market and leverage your positions to grow your crypto portfolio in a bull market.

At TradingToolCrypto, we support every market and all of the futures contracts. We also support the HedgeMODE which allows Long and Short positions simultaneously.